Introducing GMYC | Grandmas Steering The NFT Yacht

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As most of us struggle to understand what the metaverse is, there are people who’ve already begun to worry about the values it will stand for. Amidst the growing hype about cryptocurrencies and NFTs, hiding in the shadows is a concerning statistic: Metaverse is a place largely inhabited by “young men”.

And so, four friends set out to challenge these statistics. A week ago they successfully launched an NFT project that aspires to vouch for equality in the meta world: Grandma Ape Yacht Club or GMYC.

Unaffiliated with the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club, but taking artistic inspiration from the same, the GMYC is a women-led project created by Grandma Alison, Grandma Amie, Grandma Eve and Grandma Sarah. These grannies wish to see a more gender-equal world for the coming generations.

Now of course these grannies are apes, given that apes are some sort of celebs in the metaverse. But like any grandparents, the grandma club wants to watch over the evolution of all apes in the metaverse and ensure that they do not steer in the wrong direction. After all, grandmothers did play a critical evolutionary role as some scientists now believe.

According to the Grandmother hypothesis, apart from safeguarding the genetic interests of their kin, grandmothers also helped enhance their social networking and chances of survival as a result. Today, as we enter a new realm of social networking, the GMYC grandmas take it upon them to safeguard the gender-based interests of the young generation in this new world.

All of this may sound too far-fetched, and fictional (just as everything about metaverse does), but nevertheless, it is a very positive sign to see ambitious women-led NFT projects while the metaverse is still in its infancy.

The NFT collection introduced by GYMC depicts a digitalized female version of an elderly ape. You can see the collection on OpenSea. Colourful, hippy and seemingly careless — the grandmas boast about their wisdom, and occasionally tweet pieces of witty advice to their followers.

To find out more about Grandma Ape Yacht Club, visit their website at, and join their Discord at

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